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Sep 30, 2015


It seems to me it was a Bush Administration Commerce Department (supported by some NSA "alumni) that supported negotiations with the Chinese to put a .com resolution clone in Beijing, followed in swift succession by the movement of 100% of Apple iPod, then iPhone manufacturing to the PRC, and then 3 different U.S. Microprocessor fabs from Taiwan and Thailand to PRC....C'mon man, this hemorrhaging of manufacturing, loss of skilled jobs, loss of control over engineering and tech IP has been going on since the Reagan Administration USTR misread Japanese intentions in memory production and teed up the chIP wars of the 1990s, which were resolved by the URUGUAY ROUND SETTLEMENTS OF THE CLINTON USTR. Product commoditization was inevitable; greed made it happen faster, and with fewer safety valves. The rapid surrender of economic value at the low end was only fractionally buffered by efforts at some companies to hold on to design and engineering in the U.S. (E.g.--INTEL microprocessor design, TI DSPs (admittedly, a NAT SEC business). But even the mighty Big Blue ignored the tea leaves and did the Lenovo sale with little thought or intervention by the Bush CFIUS process...and wasn't it a Bush DHS that unplugged the President's NSTAC from DoD/DISA management and moved it to an unprepared DHS ? And don't get me started on the Joe N prosecution....And let's ask Andy how his stock options at Huawei are doing ...they are the 4th largest network operator in the U.S., including links that carry undifferentiated network traffic....doesn't that inevitably include .gov and .net traffic...? And, oh by the way, as GSA is negotiating the redo of the .gov contract, THE OBAMA GSA is actually seeking advice from experienced DNS operators about security controls. When the Bush Commerce department forced VeriSign to migrate management of .gov on its watch, it had to beg them to take it back over when the hand picked operator failed the 90 day transition on cutover day...a scenario that also occurred when the then seemingly well qualified Neustar was handed operation of .US...you remember Neustar, the brainchild of defense prime Lockheed-Martin....they had to beg VeriSign to come back in and support the cutover as well. I took the call from Nancy Victory at 9 on a Friday night...she was at a cocktail party..at your house ? "Please have your team stay on at the transition site until we sort this out on Monday " ---on Monday, VRSN took back operational responsibility for the TLD over for an additional 90 days....So , technical, engineering, business judgement and diplomatic errors have had a rich bipartisan tradition in my experience....

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