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Nov 27, 2013


I am of two minds on the latest snippet.

On the one hand I am grateful that we finally, finally are starting to move in the obvious direction of answering the question -- a massive spy state, to what end? The obvious answer, prodded by history, is the creation of informant/snitches/operatives which in turn give the spy state great power.

But on the other, the snippet approach must end. We need ALL the Snowden docs, not a cherry-picked subset that advance whatever narrative Greenwald et al fancy.

The next question I want answered: Just how many informants/snitches/operatives have the Snowden programs created in the past 20 years?

There's just a little bit of difference between discrediting someone for hypocrisy based on information that is public knowledge versus information obtained through unconstitutional surveillance...

More likely the issue has something to do with point out the mote your neighbors eye and ignoring the beam in your own.

Did I miss the part where Glenn Greenwald routinely uses a huge secret electronic spying apparatus to gather private information to embarrass Republicans?

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