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Jun 23, 2013



Pardon me, but you're giving Gellman too much credit.

The President said the NSA does not "listen" or "read" without a warrant. Notice how Gellman changed that to "collect" as if those were synonyms.

They're not. OBVIOUSLY not since that was the very distinction Obama was drawing in his comments. And the very thing covered by the minimization procedures.

Over at Sibel Edmonds fine website, boilingfrogs.com, it is being stated that the NSA spies can re-constitute our conversations, from the mega database that has been copied and downloaded to their NSA servers. And also actor Shia LeBoeuf told us way back in 2008, while being interviewed on Jay Leno, that one in five conversations are recorded : http://news.moviefone.com/2013/06/10/shia-labeouf-government-spying/

Reread what Gellman said about his opening lines, and then reread the opening lines. I think he is saying Snowden had a say in what to release and when.

D: I agree that there's big difference between collecting and reading, although I think Bart Gellman would say that some of what's collected is also read, as the minimization guidelines show (evidence of crimes, etc.)
JoyHealer: I'm deeply skeptical.
Fturner: I think that's quite possible, but I can't really extract that conclusion from Bart Gellman's messages.

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