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Jun 01, 2011


So which agency in DHS admitted them?

US Citizenship and Immigration Services oversees the refugee program and would have been in charge of the overall vetting process. There was probably also an NGO involved in gathering some of the background data.

Mr. Baker,

Do you ever recall hearing any concern voiced around the proverbial watercooler at DHS about the failure to vet the vetters at USCIS, formerly INS? And perhaps just as important, if DHS had watercoolers, did it concern seniors within DHS that USCIS was processing millions of benefits without conducting criminal background checks (domestic/foreign) and granting them before any checks came back from other agencies?

I don't remember any concern about the vetters. I do know we were concerned about criminal background checks. The problem was that those checks delayed decisions for months or years, often because it was hard for the FBI to distinguish among many people with the same name, and USCIS began losing lawsuits ordering the granting of benefits without waiting for the checks.

It's unfortunate that the vetters, 'ors'?, weren't themselves better vetted, when DHS was set up because I see it as a major source of the chaos that has overwhelmed our immigration system and agency in charge of it. I think the FBI itself made a major error in not investigating personnel issues that were brought to its attention in 2001/02/03/04/05. Their reasons for not investigating were perfectly reasonable initially, but after the congressional testimony of Michael Maxwell in 2006, they really should have raided placed like the NBC and the NRC out in Missouri. It's hardly surprising that the USCIS was losing lawsuits when you have people who are barely literate themselves and with questionable credentials adjudicating benefits.

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