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Dec 03, 2010


Mr. Baker,

I agree with your take on PrisonPlanet, but like the wacky Lyndon LaRouche publications of old, or even the more long ago mutterings of the local village idiot, an uncomfortable truth now and then can be made out amidst the mutterings of madmen. And what could be a more uncomfortable moment of truth for the state of our freedom in this country than to watch public servants with the background of someone like John Pistole argue that for Americans to move freely about their own country an American must have his "junk" his wife's and his children’s (above 12, whew!) groped by a federal security officer, other than perhaps the 'pat down' itself?

I don't agree. Life is too short to spend it separating the muttering from the truth. And I don't think there's all that much truth in PrisonPlanet's attack on TSA. I lay out my thoughts on TSA in this week's National Review (print edition, I'm afraid).

Mr. Baker,

Life is too short to ignore the truth, wherever you find it, especially if it's a guy with gloves and a badge working up your leg. I look forward to reading your thoughts on TSA in NR.

BTW, my objections to TSA's policies and operations predate the sensational coverage from PrisonPlanet and Drudge. I was concerned with 'new hires' back in 2002. (GOPUSA Airport Security)

I agree with Mr. Baker, the Drudge Report has been really scraping the bottom of the barrell lately looking for dirt to support its anti-TSA bent. On Thanksgiving, the day after the rest of America apperantly forgot to perform their "civic duty" of overwhelming the TSA with requests for security patdowns during "National Opt-Out Day", the Drudge report posted a link to anonymous posts on Gizmodo claiming TSA was deliberatly shutting down scanners in the airports.

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