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Jun 03, 2010


Great work. Its good to see the smallpox story getting attention. Few people talk about it anymore as they believe it is no longer a threat due to its eradication by the WHO, and safe containment @ locations in the US and Russia. As a biowarfare threat smallpox remains a very real threat, especially since it can be synthesized as your work details.

In terms of treatment options it is important to note that the vaccine is only effective before symptoms present themselves. In order to address post symptomatic cases the US gov is currently looking to purchase a smallpox antiviral. A company by the name of SIGA Technologies has such an antiviral that has been proven to be 100% effective. While vaccines can be seen as great preventative measures, this antiviral is a cure. We can only hope the our gov follows through with their procurement efforts of Siga's drug to be fully prepared in the event of a smallpox equipped bio-warfare attack.

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