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Feb 13, 2010


"...we get painfully obvious applications of irrelevant privacy principle like this:

“7.1 What are the procedures that allow individuals to gain access to their information?

Social media are public websites. All users have access to their information through their user accounts. Individuals should consult the privacy policies of the services they subscribe to for more information.”

Did we really need the federal government to tell us that?"

Yes. Yes, we do, as innumerable high-school students will tell you after getting in trouble for posting "LOL I GOT SOOOO DRUNK" pictures on their MySpace. (And for a more serious example, see the role of MediaSentry in the Thomas-Rassett case.)

And those kids are listening to the DHS Privacy Office? Wow, things have changed since I was in high school.

This isn't about the kids; it's about the privacy fetishists (and their lawyers) who claim that a Reasonable Expectation of Privacy exists regarding Facebook postings set to "anyone can view".

good posting...

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