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Feb 01, 2010


I'm not sure why you damage your own credibility by repeating the lies about "handling" body-scanner privacy issues by "making sure the images can't be stored or copied."

The TSA fully intends to store and copy images, and based on actual experience with "security CCTV" systems, the images will certainly be abused and misused by TSA personnel regardless of formal policy.

Not only that, but the general track record of US government agencies suggests strongly, almost conclusively, that they will abuse and misuse any capability they acquire, even if they have to violate, not just agency policy or administrative regulations, but full-on statute law along the way. Look at the BATF and FBI-- they have often violated the statutes authorizing the gun-dealer licensing and gun-purchase "instant check" systems by compiling, retaining, and misusing data which those systems incidentally generate and Congress forbade the agencies to retain.

On the experience of the last half-century or more, the only way to prevent abuse is to head off establishment of the abusable capability.

Your comment system ate the link I supplied documenting that TSA planned to store and copy images:


And, as if on cue, here comes the news that in London, a security staffer was misusing the scanner and taking photos of scanner images of his female victim's (large, it seems) breasts:


(Click through that link to various sources.)

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