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Dec 28, 2009


Perhaps you could gather all that information, analyze it, but just not put it in anything called a "database."

Orin, man, I hope you are spoofing......

In the 21st century, why do "business" people have to travel anyway?

Whap! I'm not a big fan of I-told-you-so's but national security is an exception. Keep up the good work.

Are Post-It Notes considered a database? :-)

I'm no fan of Big Government. But we're at war. We are at war.

And those who discount our enemy's resolve are whistling past the graveyard.

Since we brought home the movie "UP" the phrase "Squirrel!" has become synonymous with a quick misdirection at our house. There's a lot of yelling squirrel by the Obama Administration and enough of it revolves around national security to be scary.

Of course, ATS doesn't catch foreign terrorists. Just people who have no FBI file, no intelligence dossier, no terrorist history or background and it retains their information in insecure databases indefinitely in the name of National Security. It seems most terrorists who have ever been a threat to Der Vunterland United States have had intel files. Databases would ordinarily be fine but I think the American government is casting a net that is too wide and wasting resources to catch bonafide threats. Unless that isn't the real objective. If it's not, then the privacy hawks are going to be there with their lawyers and their Bill of Rights telling you to stop yelling, "TERRORIST" in retrospect after you failed to do your job with what intel you had. Criminalizing innocent Americans for doing terrible things like, travelling, or being a US citizen is as misdirected as asking Americans to sacrifice their freedom for your ability to lazily write checks for technology that doesn't catch terrorists.

"Criminalizing innocent Americans for doing terrible things like, travelling, or being a US citizen..."

Congratulations, you failed to read the blog post. You get NOTHING. You LOSE. Good DAY, sir.

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