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Dec 26, 2009


All the screening and shoe-removing at airports is a sham, a procedure designed to make the public feel the government is "doing something" without employing the forbidden "racial profiling."

I mean, it would not be fair to assume that a young Middle East male is more likely to commit an act of terrorist than a white baby or an Asian granny with a walker! Even though all the terrorist acts so far have been committed by young men whose appearance and affiliations are very good indicators of their intentions.

Obvious answer: the materials were already on the plane?

Once again, despite all the billions and billions spent on various government agencies and forces, alert passengers are the only effective defense. How long will it be before it becomes obvious to more people that we must begin a sensible program to arm passengers?

"TSA is a mammoth, monstrous joke... Why we fixate on this fraud of airline security is a mystery. Even if it did become effective, we would then have to create a new TSA for every bus line, movie theater, shopping mall, and stadium."

More commentary at http://wcvarones.blogspot.com/2009/12/here-we-go-again.html

I keep wondering if he's one of Obama's long-lost African relatives, and that's why he got a "pass" through from everyone involved in Security at all levels on both sides of the ocean.

AQQ is a CBP/DHS airline manifest screen system that is suppose to look up and either tell the airlines who they can allow onto a plane heading to the US. This system has had a poor history of working correctly, if at all. When the system goes down, then the airlines use old data locally (if they even have it) to check each passenger. Looks like both systems has issues.

As the flight did not originate in Amsterdam did this guy get off of the plane there or did he and the other passengers stay on the plane while it was at the Amsterdam airport?
Yes we definitely need to do away with the Political Correctness that keeps us from taking a close look at these people. This man should have never been given a visa and he should never have been allowed onto any plane.

The first question, then, is how he managed to get a visa to come to the United States.

He was applying to be a major in the US Army. As far as anyone knows this was an isolated act of a troubled loner. Your stereotyping here is racist bigotry. You are an extremist right wing hater.

Hiscross's point is particularly important. AQQ is a program in which passport downloads collected by the airline are supposed to be sent to DHS *before* the plane takes off. Under AQQ, the airline is also supposed to be able to receive a return message from DHS requiring that suspect passengers be removed from the plane.

But a number of US carriers have been stiffing DHS, refusing to comply with the regulation because, they say, they don't want to upgrade their computer systems. The excuse is that they've been waiting to see what upgrades they'll have to make for the TSA Secure Flight program, but I find it astonishing that a private regulated industry would simply declare that it won't comply with US law. As a result, it is hard for DHS to keep bad guys off planes, even if the bad guys are identified from their passports. If Delta/NW falls into the carrier-scofflaw category, and that failure contributed to the incident, they are going to have the book thrown at them. And, I'm guessing, DHS will immediately begin fining the other carriers who have been rope-a-doping them.

So call it question 11: Was Delta/NW in compliance with US law when it boarded the Amsterdam flight?

It turns out the passenger who put the kibosh on the attack is a Dutch national, so he probably has nothing to fear in terms of American legal repercussions.

On the other hand, he may have a great deal more to fear when he gets back home to the Netherlands, at least once the Islamic supremacists there find out who he is and where he lives. (See also Theo van Gogh.)

"Even if it didn't, TSA and DHS should have identified him as a possible risk from his travel reservations."
Why? What is so special about his reservations?

Isn't it time to admit that the Democrats' insistence on federalizing security, as a sop to union financial contributers, was an egregious error putting Americans at risk?

Tatil: If he was a terror suspect, and we knew his name, then when he made a reservation to come to the US, the overlap should have triggered an inquiry. Obviously not a perfect system, since names are easy to misspell, which is why we don't rely exclusively on that data.

If he boarded an international flight (Nigeria to Detroit via Amsterdam) in Nigeria why would he go through security again -- he would be inside the clear zone the whole way, unless he chose to cross back into the public area at Amsterdam.

Yes? No?

President Bush was most likely behind this. Obama will proclaim that Bush acted stupidly, and that we must admire, respect the muslim “peaceful” religion. Obama will say that Bush's actions pushed Hasan and this guy to snap. If we just try to understand them, and treat them as brothers, all will be fine.
What a disgrace Obama is. Lucky for us, We The people. This islamist terrorist failed. Obama is encouraging more to try. His policy and AG Holders actions will get Americans killed in the future. Hilary Clinton need to get her organization to do their job. Giving this Terrorist a Visa is a PC travesty.

To JAL: Not necessarily. Standards for flights to the US are high, and if Nigeria's standards aren't as high, the passengers need to be screened again. Also, there's no guarantee that all passengers stay in a "sterile zone" while changing planes.

I know it will not be approved by almost everybody, just have everyone that gets on a plane go naked. Being naked, where are you going to hide the explosive, where we would not already know about, (cavity search anyone)? Give them a small towel after they have been searched to wrap up in while sitting in the plane and then if anyone goes to the bathroom they are escorted to and from their seats. Most of the search problems solved.

What about the guy who almost blew up a Saudi prince. He had the bomb in his rectum.

" We kill people to get virgin sex in heaven. Really. That's really what drives us. Virginity. It sounds odd to YOU, but we take it very seriously, at the Islamic Nut Company."

From the description of what happened, I suspect this ^&#^#^ won't be looking for virgins, nor nonvirgins, for quite a while. Sounds as if the bomb largely fizzled, making it a manner of incendiary device. He's probably got third degree burns in some areas where you really don't want third degree burns.

"Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab"

All that's needed is an extra space or a hyphen in the last name and how is anyone supposed to know it's the same person as in the database? Plus there is no standard for rendering Arabic letters and sounds into English. AQ, and before then Libya, have been taking advantage of it for years.

In short, stop blaming the victims. It's not any American's fault that he's a terrorist.

How I long for the days when flying was enjoyable, something to be looked forward to. How I long for the days when if you wanted to meet someone at the airport you could just stroll down to the arrival gate, no questions asked. This important piece of good quality of life is now gone forever thanks to one group and one group alone - Muslims!

You forgot the real question. After ignoring the 10 questions above, what new restrictions will be placed on passengers?

Answer: http://www.aircanada.com/en/news/trav_adv/091226.html

"New rules imposed by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration also limit on-board activities by customers and crew in U.S. airspace that may adversely impact on-board service. Among other things, during the final hour of flight customers must remain seated, will not be allowed to access carry-on baggage, or have personal belongings or other items on their laps."

" to focus what got on airplanes and not who. "

I think that even this is not right, or not right enough.

These measures to defend commercial airliners represent whack-a-mole. Watch lists, 3-ounce limits on fluids in carry-ons, only 1 carry-on, no sharp or otherwise useful objects carried on, etc. Defending the airliners---being on the defensive---means we are reacting, not acting. We have lost the initiative.

At the time he received his US Visa, he was living in the UK. I wonder if that caused the screening process to be less intensive. (Interestingly he has since been denied permission to return to the UK).

Porkov asked when the last terrorist attack got "this far", I'd probably point at the two gun based domestic attacks this year:

The Assassination of George Tiller (was intended to cause fear), done by a christian. (George Tiller performed abortions).

The Florida Fort Hood shooting on Nov 6 appears to be an insane dude working as a major in our military who followed the writings of the Tiller assassin (Scott Roeder) as well as a relatively far out there cleric and was motivated by what he viewed as unprosecuted war crimes he heard from his patients (Some of whom may have been present at the shooting, which was in the shooters workplace).

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