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Oct 30, 2009


Yes, who needs convictions in a fair court? Indeed, why have trials -- we've done fine without them in Guantanamo for years. And should the government only charge people with crimes it can prove the person committed -- it is not fair to hold the government to its burden of proof; that's so 20th Century.

No, the true measure of the success of our fight against terrorism is the number of people we incarcerate. We should not let our principles stand in the way. We should not let the possibility of their innocence stand in the way. We should not let our scruples stand in the way. If it requires torture to get them to confess, so be it. It works for the Japanese in WW2, the North Vietnamese in the recent unpleasantness, and in China today. It can work for us.

Remember - the trial system only works if it gets life convictions or death penalties for the defendants our government says are terrorists. Anything less is a sign of failure.

It is good to know that former government officials feel this way.

It is especially good that they are FORMER government officials.

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