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Jun 02, 2009


No matter what the majority of Americans do, President Obama is going to--TRY--and force through another Amnesty? It will allow millions illegal aliens to get government benefits, that they have never paid into? It also means millions more anticipating this path to citizenship are going to be rushing the border, day-in, day out. In addition it has mammoth consequences on our already sinking school performance, and paying for even more free health care for anybody who doesn't have papers. Illegal immigration ruined the British Medical System as it will eventually do here. It means having to share your Social Security with millions of foreign nationals. America taxpayers will have to entertain millions more impoverished family members admitted under the CHAIN MIGRATION ACT. These unfortunates will bring their sick, handicapped to the doorsteps of our hospitals, for medical services, not even our own poor can receive, without an affidavit of later payment. Countless Americans have been assaulted over the phone, by aggressive debt collectors wanting payment, while illegal aliens get medical services for free.Just enforce the 1986 Simpson/Mazzoli law. Called the Immigration Reform and Control Act. It just was never ENFORCED--TO BE CLASSIFIED AS BROKEN?ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT PARIAH BUSINESSES PAY NOTHING TOWARDS THE SUPPORT OF 20 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS. THAT IS INTENTIONALLY LEFT FOR THE PEOPLES FORCED TAXES?If we allow another AMNESTY, the consequence on our way of life is financially unthinkable. Advocacy ant-illegal immigration, pro-sovereignty organizations have eyes and ears in Washington, to watch and listen for any secret committees, to deceive the American people on immigration reform. Pay attention--because as a taxpayer, it will have a massive impact on you and your family, even more than it does today. It will cause inestimable damage to Senior citizens pensions and SS checks, as it has already caused in the--Sanctuary State of California, with New York close behind. E-Verify is an efficient way to snatch illegal aliens from the working environment, because it's success rate is near perfect with very few errors that can be resolved at the Social Security office. Additionally it has mammoth consequences on our already sinking school performance, and paying for even more free health care for anybody who doesn't have papers.When our own economy is ricocheting the credit market, we can no longer afford to underwrite the living standards of illegal nationals, as our our own people congregate in food pantries and welfare lines. Not signed into law, but former President Bush had secretly negotiated a totalization with Mexico over Social Security. Already the California illegal immigration occupancy, has had a massive effect on it's withering budget. Our jails are overloaded, our schools crammed to capacity and at least 80 hospitals had to close in the once Golden state, from uninsured foreign nationals. This downturn in city and county budgets has been spreading like a virus across the country, will never reverse until we rid our land of indigent people who live of US taxpayers. Not enough room for the facts, so go to NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIAL WATCH. This is just the beginning brought to us by corruption in the administration--HOW WILL IT END. JUST ONE WORD--OVERPOPULATION--and a shortage energy and water for future generations. AMERICANPATROL will offer you undisclosed virulent factual news.

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