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Feb 21, 2009


Its behind schedule, but I believe its still in the works: http://www.nyc.gov/portal/site/nycgov/menuitem.c0935b9a57bb4ef3daf2f1c701c789a0/index.jsp?pageID=mayor_press_releasecatID=1194doc_name=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nyc.gov%2Fhtml%2Fom%2Fhtml%2F2007a%2Fpr014-07.htmlcc=unused1978rc=1194ndi=1This year, well begin a revolutionary innovation in crime-fighting: Equipping 911 call centers to receive digital images and videos New Yorkers send from cell phones and computers something no other city in the world is doing.If you see a crime in progress or a dangerous building condition youll be able to transmit images to 911, or online to NYC.GOV. And well start extending the same technology to 311 to allow New Yorkers to step forward and document non-emergency quality of life concerns holding City agencies accountable for correcting them quickly and efficiently.

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