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Nov 24, 2012


I'm surprised you and Chertoff aren't Pre-Check cleared http://www.tsa.gov/tsa-pre%E2%9C%93%E2%84%A2 I happily submitted to the background check and hassle, sacrificing "privacy" so I can breeze through security like a judge at a court house.

I know, I know, someone is going to tell me that was a massive invasion of my privacy. But, while they're opting out, I'll be drinking a cold one in the United lounge.

I'm curious, is Pre-Check the evolution of CAPPS? If so, the privacy lobby should be ashamed for making me wait this long for it.

I just haven't gotten around to doing Pre-Check, but I agree with your sentiments. And yes, the privacy campaigners delayed Pre-Check by many years by preventing TSA from having access to passenger data of any sort. Pre-Check shows how screening can be improved if TSA has access even to traveler information.

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